EasyCRM Software Features

EasyCRM Sales Hounder acts like a guide to sales people on how to increase their sales. Each morning, the user simply logs in and EasyCRM immediately displays a list of their calls to be made, tasks to be completed, messages received. Client and prospect details are at their fingertips. Unlike larger, more complex client relations managers, there is no long learning curve. EasyCRM Sales Hounder is simple and intuitive. It has the features you need without the bloat.

Follow Ups

Follow-up calls, tasks and messages

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  • When a user logs in, their follow-up calls, tasks and messages for that day are displayed immediately. This to-do list remains visible at all times, constantly prompting the user to complete the day’s tasks and move forward.
  • Follow-up calls and tasks for tomorrow or for any selected date are only a mouse-click away.
  • Simply double-click on a follow-up, and the details for that client are displayed beside the to-do list.
  • Prepare for the call or task at hand by quickly scanning the client’s call history to gain a detailed record of previous calls and correspondence
  • Once the call is made, easily note the results and mark the follow-up as completed
  • Scheduling a new follow-up call is prompted automatically, so no client or prospect need ever be forgotten
  • Each time a follow-up or task is completed, that item is automatically removed from the to-do list and placed in call history
  • Multiple follow-ups can be scheduled for any customer – very handy, for example, when dealing with different departments
  • Diary entries – follow-ups not specific to a particular client – can also be entered, so there is no excuse for missing birthdays, meetings and other important events

Clients and Prospects

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  • Company name and contact details remain always in view, no matter which on-screen folder is active
  • Client details include 10 different areas which you can label to suit your specific needs. Set up EasyCRM with these areas named to reflect the information you need on your customers. You can then tailor reports to include the information you need.
  • Client notes is a totally free-form notes page to store any information your business needs
  • Other details can again be labelled to suit your requirements, and offers yet another way in which you can store information about your clients or prospects

  • Quotations can be entered and printed from within EasyCRM. They are stored and always available for immediate reference.
  • Call history shows a complete record of all communications with the client – including emails (either individual emails to this client, or bulk emails), quotations, and completed follow-ups
  • Limitless ways of finding particular clients through names, phone numbers, areas etc
  • Browse through all clients, your clients only, clients belonging to a particular group ….
  • Browse through all calls, quotations, follow-ups … and search for a particular entry using just about any criteria imaginable
Customer Contacts


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  • Each client or prospect can have multiple contacts. Different sales people may have different contacts in different departments.
  • Apart from entering contact details such as telephone, email, position etc, you can enter a contact’s birthday (or part of the date), and then generate mailing labels for birthdays cards.
  • Search for a contact or browse all contacts
  • And once you are browsing the contacts, searching becomes even more flexible


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  • Send an individual email to the current client/contact, or
  • Send a bulk email to all clients, or
  • Set up a query to send a bulk email to selected clients … all without leaving EasyCRM Sales Hounder
Mailing Labels

Mailing labels

For mail-outs, you can easily print labels for only the current client, for all clients, or for selected clients

Internal Messaging

Internal messages

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  • Easily send a private message to a colleague using EasyCRM, or
  • Just as quickly and easily, broadcast a general notice to all users of EasyCRM
  • Reply to a message, forward it on … simply and intuitively
Reports & Graphs

Reports and graphs

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  • Client lists, follow-ups or calls by salesman, by area, by date … flexibility galore
  • Clients with no follow-ups scheduled, clients with no calls, lists of incomplete calls, and more
  • All reports and graphs can be previewed on screen


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  • An easy-to-use password system allows the administrator to control which sections of EasyCRM Sales Hounder each user can access
  • Schedule automatic local backups (although you will, of course, also need to incorporate EasyCRM data into your normal backup routine)
  • Set up call categories so that you can easily report on different types of calls made
  • Create labels and pre-defined lists for the customisable information held on each client

And finally – just for fun:

Allow your sales staff to display their individuality by spending a few seconds creating and changing their own colour schemes. It will brighten their day, although it is also likely to confirm your suspicions that their taste is very dubious. But everyone enjoys a change now and then.