What is EasyCRM Sales Hounder?

EasyCRM Software is a contact management software that really works. EasyCRM influences sales people to manage prospects and existing customers with exceptional consistency and persistency. This contact management software is simple and intuitive. It has the features you need without the bloat or the price tag. This in turn decreases time spent on learning for existing and new staff.

EasyCRM Sales Hounder acts like a guide to sales people on how to increase their sales. Each morning, the user simply logs in and EasyCRM immediately displays a list of their calls to be made, tasks to be completed, messages received. Client and prospect details are at their fingertips. Unlike larger, more complex client relations managers, there is no long learning curve.

  • Follow-up calls, tasks and messages
  • Clients and Prospects
  • Contacts, Email and Mailing Labels
  • Reports and graphs
  • Effectively handle all communications with existing customers, helping to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Identify and pursue prospects, with the aim of turning them into loyal customers
  • Maintain efficient internal communication with all members of your sales staff

Focusing on the marketing needs of small businesses. At a glance sales people or management staff can view a list of the days follow ups, messages and uncompleted calls.

EasyCRM Sales Hounder is ideally suited to any organisation seeking to expand its sales turnover.

The cycle of success is simple:

  • Satisfied prospects become customers
  • Loyal customers bring new prospects

With EasyCRM Sales Hounder you have at your fingertips immediate access to all client and contact details. Features include the ability to schedule follow-up calls, make diary entries, record all calls made, send bulk emails, print mailing labels, record selected calls in a knowledge base, print reports and graphs.